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Flood and Water Damage

We easily handle all major incidents, from massive river flooding to sewage back surges and storm damage. For our flood damage repairs team, minor incidents like burst pipes or taps left on are a breeze.

At The Ideal Group, we aim to respond with 2 hours of your call for assistance and are happy to help with your insurance claim process.

We provide nationwide water damage restoration services to both commercial and domestic properties. Over the past 10 years we have helped thousands of policy holders.

Although we help in many types of claims, our reputation and increasing client base is due to our incredible success working with:

  • Construction companies
  • High street retailers
  • Facilities managers
  • Insurance companies
  • Loss adjusters
  • Housing associations
  • Water authorities
  • Landlords and home owners

Our clients come back to us again and again, because we provide innovative, flexible solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of the specific flood or water damage issue.

Advantages of our service

While there are many companies that offer flood and water damage restoration services, we believe we are unique in both our approach and methodology. We know that your focus is on drying out your property as quickly and effectively as possible. The following information will help address those concerns…Reduced drying time

Other water damage companies use cheaper equipment, at The Ideal Group, we use only the most advanced drying equipment. The cost may be higher to us, but the equipment significantly reduces the drying time for you.

Quality & Validation

All water and flood damage restoration work is fully documented to validate the drying process.

All of our water damage repairs exceed industry best practice as defined within the British Standard PAS 64 professional water damage mitigation and initial restoration of properties guidelines. Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards (Certificate Number GB00930) for the provision of our property damage remediation and associated services.

The methods we use to ensure your property is completely dry include:

  • In-depth monitoring of structural materials.
  • Thermal imaging
  • Environmental data logging

Upon satisfactory completion of the programme you are supplied with a certificate of drying.

Eco-friendly sanitising

We sanitise the property using advanced steam cleaning technology, which means there’s no need for chemicals and disinfectants.

Hygiene testing

Just because something looks clean doesn’t necessarily mean it is! We perform hygiene testing, using our on-site equipment to analyse swabs from cleaned items/areas. When we are completely satisfied that your property is actually clean you are supplied with a certificate of hygiene.

Dispute resolution

As experts in our field we are happy to help with any drying and hygiene dispute you may have with your insurer, adjuster or appointed contractor.

Complete solution

On request, we can also provide a complete property reconstruction and redecoration service. Once the drying process is successfully completed we can carry out the building repair works without delay. This will allow a complete recovery, which is finished quickly and professionally. All building work is carried out by our approved teams of tradesmen and is fully guaranteed.

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