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Street-cleaning scheme is piloted in Ramsgate town centre

A NEW scheme to improve street cleaning in Ramsgate has been set up by Thanet council.

Respect Ramsgate aims to keep the streets in the town centre free of litter, and the council is working with Waste Consulting LLP to trial the new 12-week project, which started in October.

Tools, cleaning techniques and plans on how to maintain a tidy town have already been discussed.

A community clean-up led by the Ramsgate Society before the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee netted more than two tons of rubbish.

Respect Ramsgate hope to give a presentation to the group in the coming weeks.

The society’s John Walker said: “We did a big clean up, and I think as a result it got Thanet council thinking about what to do to improve the state of the streets.

“The rubbish has started to come back again, and something needs to be done if people are going to continue to throw litter down.

“People need to be more aware that they are disrespecting the town and hopefully the scheme will raise people’s awareness.”

As part of the project, Respect Ramsgate are now in talks with traders, residents and community groups to discuss how the programme can progress. Plans for new litter and cigarette bins have also been discussed.

The scheme which involves early morning street cleans is being piloted in the town centre.

Mr Walker added: “I have noticed an improvement in some of the problem areas.”

The programme, however, has come under fire from some residents.

Graham Young, secretary of the Broad Street Residents’ Association, said the new scheme, means that residential streets are being neglected.

He said: “This new method of cleaning is ineffective and inefficient.

“Cleaners have to assemble in King Street, clean using only a broom, and push the rubbish in front of the road sweeper.

“All of the surrounding streets are not being taken care.

“Why is there a focus on the town centre? It is the residents who pay the rates, not the tourists.”

There will be a review of the project before the end of the year.