Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery, Environmental Management, Commercial Cleaning and Property Restoration

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Our Values

We understand the need for absolute integrity in our relationships with our customers, our staff and our suppliers.

We seek to add value and differentiate ourselves from others by constantly delivering superior products and services that set The Ideal Group apart.

We are committed to acting with honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business and strive to build productive partnerships whenever we can.

We value our customers and will remain committed to building an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction through the provision of appropriate, innovative service solutions

We value our team and will seek to recruit & employ a growing team of well trained, well organised, multi-skilled technicians who are effective problem solvers

We value the environment and will constantly work to reduce our dependency on chemicals that are damaging to the environment through the proactive use of bio-degradable products and compliant waste management procedures for contaminated & recyclable waste

We value our ability to innovate and will seek to lead the market with our range of superior quality service products by constantly exploring innovative techniques and product applications in order to develop good value services using the most up to date technology

We value our business systems and will seek to maximise efficiencies through the application of a systematic approach to the operation and management of the business, using documented operational guidelines to ensure clear lines of authority, responsibility and communication.